Top Five Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategies Video.

Determine your target audience
Prepare yourself to compete with sharks
Create your real estate marketing plan
Maintain a consistent experience for your prospects

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A Letter of Intent, also called LOI, can help you negotiate your commercial lease. Don't miss anything important and learn the basics of an LOI here.

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Finding a commercial property in Federal Heights Colorado just got easier! Start by generating a market report.


Northglenn Colorado Commercial Real Estate Experts Space Selectors is offering you a chance to talk to a professional completely free! Find out what you need to know to find the best property for you business.

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Negotiate like a pro! These are 8 Commercial Real Estate Negotiating tips to Expect from an Experienced Broker in Denver, Colorado.

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Littleton Colorado is thriving and one of the fastest growing cities in the greater Denver area. Finding a new location with all of the economic growth can be sometimes hard to navigate. Luckily for you, Space Selectors, has been providing market reports to local companies that will give them eno...

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Aurora Colorado Commercial Real Estate Market Reports Now Available at Space Selectors. Find the best location for your new business or find the perfect place to grow into around Aurora. We're here to help!

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Space Selectors is now accepting companies located in an around Applewood Colorado looking to grow into nearby or surrounding cities. These customers will ideally be looking for commercial real estate to purchase or lease for their business.

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About us

  Space Selectors Finds You the Ideal Denver Commercial Real Estate Options Created to offer a simple and customized commercial real estate search in Denver, Space Selectors equips you with everything you need to launch your business from a strategic, well informed position. Through Space Selectors, gain exclusive access to the top experts who are highly skilled in evaluation, demographic analysis, and negotiation of commercial real estate. Then, uncover just how fast, cost-effective and straight-forward their platform works to find your ideal commercial real estate options. 

It starts with market analysis from Space Selectors 

After you fill out the 10-question survey provided by Space Selectors, they will quickly get back to you to schedule a short 45-minute consultation for a time that is convenient for you. For the meeting, be sure to have a business concept summary or a business plan at hand, in order to help them better understand your business. During the consultation, their Space Strategy Pilots will provide you with an Initial Concept Frontier Analysis that is based on your answers to the 10-question survey along with information they glean from the conversation with you about your business. 

Get your Initial Concept Frontier Analysis

As you enter this new frontier to launch your business, Space Selectors will start your journey by providing you a personalized Initial Concept Frontier Analysis. This useful synopsis will reveal available commercial real estate within your desired market area. Then, it will provide you with a helpful market rent overview. Finally, receive a one and a three-mile competition study for your own business concept. Knowing who you will be up against is very important – they may be stiff competition. Or, they may provide you with customers that already travel to that area, if you can beat them at their own game. 

Receive a Conceptual Territory Analysis

 Everything you discuss and everything Space Selectors provides will be well documented for you in the Conceptual Territory Analysis. Also, you will be given access to their list of Premier Network Providers. So be assured that they have a strong grasp of the trends and the demographics within the area. 

They offer their extremely cost-effective web-based platform to help you launch your business from a more informed and strategic position. Also, they provide you with initial market analysis, rents and competition study to help you build your best strategy. Then, they offer exclusive access to national commercial real estate experts that are highly skilled in real estate evaluation, demographic analysis and commercial real estate negotiation. Therefore, allow them to walk you through the process so you can maximize your business potential. 

Space Selectors helps you choose the best location 

Choosing the best location for your company is always the most important step. You have probably heard the saying: “location, location, location.” Well, there is no better way to put it. With every location option Space Selectors provides you, be sure to carefully evaluate each one from every angle. Then, compare notes with your Space Selectors commercial real estate broker. That way, your search will be fully optimized. 

Questions to ask about each location option 

1. Where are your customers? Space Selectors will help you determine the demographics of your ideal customers to find where they reside. 
2. Who and where is your competition? The competition study you receive from Space Selectors will help you identify them for analysis. 
3. Where will you find your best employees? It is important to confirm there are potential candidates near the area you plan to occupy. 
4. How will your customers arrive to your location? Whether by foot, light rail, or by car, provide good parking and access for them. 
5. What type of structure and land does your company need? Type of business and parking space required will determine these. 
6. How do you visualize and imagine your ideal business location? Describe the ideal business location as you imagine it. 

There are many factors that determine the right formula for selecting the best location for your business. Carefully evaluate each of them using the data provided to you from Space Selectors. Again, finding the best location is the most important step, so due diligence is paramount. 

Warning! The top reason businesses fail 

In short, the number-one reason businesses fail is ignorance. New business owners put up their signs and open their doors, hoping to receive an in-rush of customers. Surprise! Nobody shows up. It takes an experienced capability to glean the right market data and a full understanding of how to analyze and use it. Space Selectors provides all the answers and full support, to ensure you get the right business location. And, they make sure you are fully equipped to launch your business at that ideal location. 

After you set up shop in your new location, Space Selectors is there to support you after you ignite your engines. They will guide your take off, and they will be there to help guide your business into the proper orbit. The world is a smaller place from outer space. Therefore, Space Selectors will help you make the word your ouster and succeed. Space 

Selectors Background 

22 years ago, Space Selectors was created to keep entrepreneurs like you from getting lost in space. Since that time, their team has assisted hundreds of new and seasoned entrepreneurs, business owners and artisans, all with amazing business ideas and captivating products. Each of them came to Space Selectors yelling: “Houston, we have a problem.” To explain, they didn’t have access to, or know to ask for, the necessary statistical data and commercial real estate resources that would help land their business successfully! Space Selectors provided them with answers and resources to guide them to a safe landing in a lucrative location. 

Space Selectors will quickly guide you to market-based cost and time assessments that are related to the commercial real estate your business needs. Their industry experts will dive into the details for you every single day. Also, they can help you understand what you need to make your business idea come to life. By using Space Selectors, you will gain knowledge and precious time that you can use towards developing your new business concept. They have you covered! 

For more information on locating, negotiating, and leasing commercial real estate in Denver, contact Space Selectors today. They will provide you with resources for all your Denver commercial real estate needs.  

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